In Terra Alta wine vacation means not just a good way to both become acquainted with and taste wine products, but also the best means to understand this land’s character and pace of life. Terra Alta is currently engaged in a growing promotion of activities related to wine, so all the region is directing itself towards increasing the resources and quality involved in the production of our wines. At present the results of this effort are beginning to be recognized across our country and also throughout the world, thanks to DO Terra Alta.

Part of the process just mentioned consists of a return to the origins. This is done through the production of certain varieties which are naturally best adapted to our land, especially white garnacha grape. You can find an excellent display of all these work in Terra Alta Wine Festival (November), that counts with the White Garnacha Grape Night, where you can taste all our wine products.

In addition, there’s the Wine Route which brings you around some towns in the area in order to enjoy the landscapes that the different seasons offer to the spectator. Some things you cannot miss are The Wine Catedral, i nPinell de Brai, and the Wine Cellar in Gandesa. Both of them were designed by Cèsar Martinell, who was Antoni Gaudi’s best disciple.

Easter Week is a time for La Passió, a performance through the streets of Vilalba dels Arcs which depicts Christ’s last days and death. It includes a taste of The Wine of La Passió.

At any time, the visitor finds in each town various wine cellars which offer the possibility to visit the place, as well as to taste its different products.

Here are some suggestions:

Cooperativa Agrícola Sant Josep, Bot
Celler Cal Menescal, Bot
Bodegues Bernaví, La Pobla de Massaluca
Celler Edetària, Gandesa
Cooperativa de Gandesa, Gandesa
DO del Vi Terra Alta, Gandesa
Cooperativa del Pinell de Brai, El Pinell de Brai