Bot is a small, peaceful and welcoming place where maintenance of traditional habits and ways of life, on one side, and adaptation to new situations and necessities, on the other, are harmoniously combined. So visitors may get to know the most traditional places and festivals while enjoying the newest comfort.

  • Sports centre: swimming pool, indoor five-a-side football field, soccer field, tennis court, “frontó” (typically Spanish sport that resembles tennis) court, recreation area
  • Playground
  • Elementary school
  • Family doctor, chemist’s
  • Food and retail stores
  • Bars, musical bar, restaurant and grill house restaurant
  • Parish church
  • Cinema

Places to visit:
  • Sant Josep hermitage
  • Spring and recreation area: El Forat de la Donzella
  • Les Olles (catalan word for pot: naturally formed rocky pools) in the river Canaletes
  • Paladella house
  • Caves, potholes and many wild spots of unique geological richness
  • The three local mountains, our truly identity symbol: l’Agulla, la Plana and la Migdia

  • January: Sant Antoni festival/ Festival of the new wine and olive oil. Benediction of animals, breakfast including tasting of wine and olive oil, popular auction of typical products and firewood handed out by neighbours.
  • February: Great Festivals on the 2d (la Candelera) and 3d (Sant Blai). Also Santa Águeda on the 5th, the well-known festival of women. We enjoy all these days the traditional foot races, the concert-aperitif and, above everything, the main event: La Dansada (the traditional dance of the town). Every night we have a great ball and party with music.
  • March: pilgrimage to Sant Josep hermitage and popular lunch.
  • July: festival of Xofers (catalan word for drivers). Outdoor festival with breakfast, benediction of all kinds of vehicles, popular dinner and night ball at the main square.
  • August: summer festivals, on the 15th and 16th. Outdoor dinners and balls.
  • December: the “mandongo” (catalan word for pig slaughter) festival, first weekend of the month. Public demonstration on preparing cold cuts, such as “botifarra” (catalan sausage), sausage, etc., as well as the typical “rodots” (typical pastry of the town). There’s also a popular lunch, where everybody can taste both the cold cuts just prepared and the most typical dish of the pig slaughtering season: “talladetes” (a kind of hotpot).

  • Food: typical pastry (“casquetes”, “amelats”, “prims”, …); homemade cold cuts (“botifarra de carn”, “botifarra d’arròs”, “xorissets”, …) and goat meat; extra virgin olive oil with certificate of origin; olives and olive sauce, a variety of fruit from Spring to Autumn (cherries, peaches, nectarines...).
  • Wines: wine in all its varieties is our main product and also the one enjoying the most increasing recognition: new wine, select wine, reserve wine, “mistela” (a kind of sweet wine), “vi ranci” (another kind of local sweet wine), vinegar...