Livelihood in most of the homes of little towns has traditionally been connected with growing a garden. In the past, this tiny property made sustenance for all the family possible during the whole year, in return for little expense and a not unreasonable amount of effort. The garden offers each season a variety of fresh vegetables, which constitute a basic part of our Mediterranean diet. In Ca Lázaro the healthy habit of growing a garden has not just been maintained. We also offer to both adults and children the possibility to take part in the daily activities involved in growing the garden. And, of course, you are also invited to try and enjoy its results!


Working in the garden is a friendly and varied activity, suitable for all ages. Each week we devote some hours of our work to take care of our garden. In return, it gives us natural, fresh and healthy products. This is a wonderful experience, so we wish our guests could live it too. That’s why, come when you may, you’ll always be able to taste the vegetables of the season. You’ll also have the opportunity to join activities in the garden, which go from getting the land ready to sow to harvest vegetables and fruit.